Antti Eklund “Freedom Is A Choice And Happiness Is Free” paintings

Oil and 23K gold leaf on 140×140 cm or 91×91 cm canvas

Face Of Death

A death mask or a lethal hatemonger? How close to a new Stalin or Hitler were we? Hopefully we will never know. I developed my regal ”CJ45”-red originally for this painting.

White Barry

It shouldn´t matter if people are white, black, orange - or rainbow colored - or that they have blue hair or a red tie. Only their values and actions should define their character.

Lupus Putis

Lupus Putis, the pioneer of oppression dressed as innocence.

I Had A Dream

Even a single person can change the world. The wheels of change turn slowly, but the only thing permanent is change.


"Kamala" in Finnish means "horrible" - but Kamala Harris is anything but! She is a delightful caring person - and our first female Vice President.

Ai Weiwei

is an Artist with a capital A since he is more an activist on democracy and human rights than an artist, and that makes his art even more powerful.

Notorious RBG

I respect Ruth Bader Ginsburg´s dedication towards justice, equality and women´s rights. I do wish she had been immortal, but at least she is notorious.

Skolstrejk För Klimatet

Greta Thunberg has single-handedly activated the discussion about climate change and global warming on this planet.


The Finns are painfully honest. Sometimes they don´t realize how good things are for them. Our Prime Minister Sanna Marin has done an exceptional job during the pandemic.

Metsäläisten Kuningas

Finland lives in the woods and from the trees. That´s why our elected President is more like the King of Woodsmen.

King Salmon

Jasper Pääkkönen a famous movie star and a successful businessman – but is also an advocate for wild salmon, free running streams and protected oceans.


Finland is the land of the happiest people on the planet. That´s why I think this fictive character represents Finns better than the traditional Maiden of Finland.

Super Supermaose (23K)

The series of Supermaose paintings show that beautiful inspiring art can be used as a tool to discredit tyrants and illuminate the abuse of power.

Supermaose (CJ45)

Supermaose with the unique and very regal custom CJ45 red.

Supermaose (Kleinish Blue)

Yves Klein developed and exclusively patented the International Klein Blue in 1960. Kleinish Blue is the closest option available.

Supermaose (Naples Yellow)

Naples yellow is like the sun glittering on Italian wheat fields.

Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier was a huge inspiration for me in my youth with his multidisciplinary approach toward creativity. I still wear glasses inspired by him.

Frank Stella

This is my homage to Frank Stella. I admire that his famous graphic shapes are instantly recognizable.

David Hockney

The curiosity of David Hockney has led him to renew himself as an artist many times during his lifetime, always extremely successfully.

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol was relentless driving his passion forward. All his paintings are iconic now, but at the time he was always one step ahead of his collectors.


Fertility is the essence of life - it symbolizes birth and renewal. Our life is a forever challenge that forces us to re-invent ourselves many times over.


My 2021 take on Frida Kahlo, one of the most inspiring artists I know. She created fabulous art despite her lifelong pain and medical problems.


Billie Holiday reminds me that creativity is a like huge loop where the never touching but lively sparking opposite ends represent "genius" and "lunacy".


Van Gogh reminds me that we need grit and determination to succeed. He was considered a madman and a failure. According to popular lore, Van Gogh sold only one painting in his entire life.

Ceci N´est Pas Un Désinfectant

This is my take on the Covid-19 virus and drinking disinfectant. It also celebrates the Finnish Napue Gin being rated the best gin in the world.


I always wanted to have a cow named Hirmu (Beast). I fulfilled my dream by painting my neighbor´s cow and calling her Hirmu. I painted Kaunotar (Beauty) to keep her company.

Tove Jansson

Tove Jansson was a courageous creative talent and a pioneer in freedom of individuality. Her magical creativity is still relevant today.

Pyhä Birgitta

I painted “St Birgitta” to be auctioned at a charity event. The painting reflects her compassionate values as well as the changing global values we all are inevitably part of.