WUFFF!! This is my tribute to rescue dogs.

Most of these paintings are based on photographs by Heidi Strengell from a book about rescue dogs by Heli Mäenpää.

These painting are oil and 23K gold leaf on 45x45 cm canvas, painted in 2022 and 2023.


This puppy was found in a ditch in Bucharest. She was seriously injured. She lived but lost one leg. Now she excitedly jumps over any obstacle when she roams for fun in the woods!
3 variations.


Ishtar is a galgo, a retired star runner and a proud Spanish descendant of an ancient breed of distance runners.
5 variations.


Jägger was found as a broken puppy in a ditch in Spain. Now she loves to smell for bedbugs and has searched hundreds of beds for happy sleepers.
4 variations.


This formerly frightened rescue dog has fully adapted to her life in Hollywood. She thrives both in the gleaming sunshine and the beaming spotlights – as long as she gets to eat her rutabaga!
4 variations.


Lucky is a one-eyed gentleman. He waited 8 years in the pound for his loving person. Now this senior loves to lie on the sofa – or sleep beside his missus!
4 variations.


Morris is not a rescue dog. What makes Morris special is what he did to me. I didn´t know I like dogs until I ran into Morris – or he ran into me! Morris is a bulldozer of love and affection.
3 variations.


This lead dog of a sled dog team was a master of navigating by the stars. His career – and life – was about to be terminated when he moved to a new home with a lot of tlc and a soft mattress.
3 variations.


Odri was a seriously ill dog wandering the streets of Romania. After months of rehabilitative care, she blossomed into an self-assured and astoundingly beautiful member of a loving family.
7 variations.


Zara was born in Vyborg. She was anxious and a bully. Now Zara is a loved visitor in elementary school, where she is the calm presence for all those that have been bullied.
3 variations.