These portraits are of friends, inspiring personalities and people in high places.

The subjects are stripped from all earthly possessions to reveal their soul in settings that freely quote art classics and other cultural masterpieces.

The paintings are oil and 23K gold leaf on canvas.

“Leena Saarinen” – oil and 23K gold leaf on 160×220 cm canvas, 2022.

Eklund has always been inspired by this hugely successful Finnish business leader – and especially her bravery and ability to re-invent herself.

The composition is inspired by “Leda and the swan” painted by Peter Paul Rubens in 1601 – and Michelangelo in 1530.

“Justice Needs Wild Riders” – oil on 180×180 cm canvas, 2022.

We need people who are ready to charge forward and fight for us all – like this internationally operating business professional.

The painting was inspired by a passionate pioneer and two horses: Napoleon´s “Marengo” and Pippi Longstoking´s “Lilla Gubben”.

“Eternal Love” – oil and 23K gold leaf on 150×220 cm canvas, 2022.

We have a built-in desire to always look our best – but we are actually all looking at death in the mirror. So why worry?

The composition is inspired by the “Rokeby Venus” painted by Diego Velazquez in 1647-51.

“Trust” – oil on 140×220 cm canvas, 2022.

This lady tells a story about trust. Trust is a two-way street. If trust gets beaten, you get eaten.

The painting was inspired by Helmut Newton´s “Crocodile Eating Ballerina” photograph from 1983.