Artist Antti eklund has a passion for paintings two kinds of portraits:

Icons of icons - bold and impactful portraits of public figures that include thought provoking meaningful messages.

Icons of personalities - commissions and non-commissions of impactful individuals bared of all possessions into classic masterpiece settings.

Icons of icons

These iconic portraits of iconic public figures highlight happiness, illuminate injustice and expose abuses of power - encouraging the viewer to take action and enable positive change.

Bared souls

Commissioned and non-commissioned modern day portraits telling stories that define our times and culture. The compositions are inspired by timeless classical art masterpieces.

Early portraits

When Eklund returned to his earliest passion, art, he challenged himself with the hardest task he could imagine - faces and oil paints. That´s why he started painting portraits with oils.

Paintings on collector walls

A gallery of works finished works in actual collector settings. It´s always fun to see what the paintings look like in their new environments as hung by their new loving owners.

Artist at work - works in progress

Since many of you only get to see the finished paintings, artist Eklund would love to share images of the privileged thrill he gets to experience painting the pieces.

Paintings in imaginary settings

Selected works on imaginary walls for your inspiration! ... on gallery walls and public settings ... and sketches in fictitious places - just to illustrate the potential of the paintings.